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Vienna Press Release – June 2024 Audio guide and scavenger hunt: follow in the footsteps of Sigmund Freud with ivie

Visitors to Vienna can now venture into the depths of the human soul. The ivie digital city guide guides visitors through Sigmund Freud’s Vienna through their smartphone or tablet. The visionary insights and extraordinary life of the father of psychoanalysis have given him iconic status extending far beyond Europe. Freud is an iconic figure, especially in the Anglo-American world. That is why ivie, the city guide app for Vienna, has dedicated a range of exciting content to Sigmund Freud: on the one hand, a new audio guide sheds light on the work of the mastermind at nine locations across Vienna. On the other hand, as part of the “Sigmund Freud Challenge” – which runs until the end of 2024 – participants can now check in digitally at six different locations in Vienna, answer quiz questions and win prizes.

Follow in the footsteps of a mastermind with an audio guide

The new Sigmund Freud Audio Guide leads you to nine locations in Vienna that have a direct connection to his life and ideas, from the must-see Sigmund Freud Museum in Berggasse to the Karmeliterviertel, where Freud spent his youth, to places that even connoisseurs do not immediately associate with the influential psychologist. Freud spent a lot of time in Vienna’s vineyards, for example – it was on the Bellevuewiese, where a commemorative stone is dedicated to him, that he developed his theory on dream interpretation. The audio guide explains how Freud turned the world of psychology upside down in his day and gives insights into his daily routines, his eventual passion for dogs and many a dark chapter such as his intense preoccupation with cocaine. The Sigmund Freud Audio Guide not only reveals the thinker Sigmund Freud, but also the man behind these great ideas.

Go for a walk, answer questions, win a prize: ready for the Sigmund Freud Challenge!?

In addition to this audio guide, ivie also offers a digital scavenger hunt across Vienna with the Sigmund Freud Challenge, with exciting prizes waiting to be won. The challenge takes participants from the Sigmund Freud Museum to the Josephinum, from the Old General Hospital through the Sigmund Freud Park, from the University of Vienna to Café Landtmann – anyone who checks in to the ivie app at these locations associated with Freud’s life and work collects two points for each of these locations in the Sigmund Freud Challenge. Three more points are awarded if three quiz questions are answered correctly in the app. Once both have been completed, ivie will reward you with a badge that is stored in a digital collection pass in the app. A full score of 30 points also enters participants into a prize draw to win a weekend at the tradition-steeped Hotel Stefanie, Vienna’s oldest hotel, which is located near the Karmeliterviertel, where Freud grew up. Anyone who scores at least 20 points will have the chance to win a 30-piece stationery set from Huber & Lerner every month, modeled on Sigmund Freud’s original stationery. The challenge runs until the end of 2024. Here’s a tip for you: anyone who has used the Freud Audio Guide will have an easy time answering the questions.

The whole of Vienna on your smartphone: become a Vienna expert with ivie

The Vienna Tourist Board’s ivie destination app has already been downloaded over a million times – it had around half a million active users in 2023 alone. It is available free of charge in German and English for iOS and Android. More than 20 walks and guides provide information on famous Viennese figures and landmarks such as Freud, Sisi, the Ringstraße and Ludwig van Beethoven. There are also guides dedicated to modern architecture, life in Vienna's neighborhoods, quirky museums and highlights for the LGBT community. Children will find just as much to interest them as fans of morbid Vienna, history buffs and music lovers. More than 1,000 entries on attractions, exciting experiences and useful information such as drinking fountains and public toilets are scattered throughout the city, making a city trip to Vienna an exciting voyage of discovery. For Viennese locals, ivie is a useful companion that even introduces them to the lesser-known corners of Vienna. The range of walks and guides is constantly being expanded. The app can also be used to buy a Vienna City Card. This card offers free travel on Vienna’s public transport and many discounts for museums, attractions, cultural events, restaurants and accommodation. Being the world’s first environmentally certified guest card, the Vienna City Card is the ideal complement to the app.



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