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Vienna Brand

Here you will find insights into Vienna as a brand, which paints an unmistakable image of the destination and so creates desire in the consumer.

Vienna as a brand

The brand strategy

In order to become even more relevant for potential guests, the position of Vienna as a brand has been developed further and the target groups redefined. Apart from the clear differentiation from the competition and the elaboration of the city’s authentic character, the aim was to give Vienna as a brand an emotional meaning, because travel decisions are primarily driven by emotions. The repositioning involved an important change of perspective. The focus is now on the customer benefit, which is expressed in the new brand core and in the overall brand presence.

The brand presence

“Vienna offers the experiences of a city without the stress factors of a city.”
This claim is also conveyed by the guiding communicative idea - in the form of many, very personal moments of enjoyment that can only be experienced in Vienna. We unleash ideas by allowing the viewer to experience a personal moment of enjoyment of someone in Vienna.
The new logo and the corporate design express the premium self-image of the city - Vienna as a cultivated beauty amongst cities. A moment of pleasure that lasts forever. This concept, captured in words, forms the new claim “NOW. FOREVER” (JETZT. FÜR IMMER).

Full information on Vienna as a brand available for download in the brand booklet.

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