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Vienna Press Release – December 2023 Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Vienna’s culinary world

Wiener Schnitzel is the epitome of Viennese cuisine. What’s the secret behind it, you ask? Anyone wanting to find the answer to that question can attend a schnitzel course at the Meissl & Schadn restaurant on Vienna’s Ringstrasse. Participants will learn how to tenderize and properly apply breadcrumbs to a schnitzel. The cooking course ends with a communal meal of schnitzel and the participants go home with the title of “World Class Schnitzel Maker”.

Video series Hungry for More

When it comes to fried foods, Vienna has much more to offer than just schnitzel. The Vienna Tourist Board illustrates this in the episode “Beyond Wiener Schnitzel” from its video series Hungry for More. This episode is all about what Vienna has to offer by way of fried food other than Wiener Schnitzel. The video also proves that just about anything can be fried in Vienna – even goulash. Lukas Mraz, the host of the video series and head chef at the two Michelin-starred restaurant Mraz & Sohn, takes us to the most authentic places in the city during the video. He joins top Zurich chef Elif Oskan as they taste delicious fried dishes. It is a genuine behind-the-scenes experience of Viennese cuisine.

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A food tour through Vienna with star chef Lukas Mraz on the subject of breaded food beyond Wiener Schnitzel

Every variety of dumpling, from sweet to savory, is another important element of Viennese cuisine. Stefanie Herkner’s dumpling seminars teach participants how to make them. Stefanie Herkner is a passionate restaurateur and lover of Viennese cuisine, as you can see for yourself at her restaurant “Zur Herknerin”. The enthusiastic chef uses seminars to share her expertise on the secrets of making dumplings. Depending on the season, Herkner cooks a choice of dumplings with ingredients like spinach, curd cheese, nougat, apricot or plum with participants. The recipe for soup with semolina dumplings is also on the menu. Everything is made using organic ingredients.

Hungry for More goes all in for strudel

The latest episode of the Vienna Tourist Board’s Hungry for More video series is all about strudel. Famed chef Lukas Mraz is again eager to experiment in the strudel episode. When making apple strudel at the Meierei restaurant in the Stadtpark, he fills a strudel with Armenian cucumber, apple, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, ginger, lime, rum, cinnamon, cardamom, barberries and his iconic Lukas Mraz humor. The episode also sees savory strudels filled with meat, offal and even blood sausage served up. It offers another unusual insight into Viennese cuisine.

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Video with star chef Lukas Mraz about strudel in Vienna

The Wiener Kipferl (a crescent-shaped cookie) is steeped in legend. This crumbly cookie was brought to Paris by Viennese bakers in the 19th century and adapted to become the croissant. The original Viennese crumbly Kipferl, however, is still part of the renowned Viennese baking tradition. Visitors can find out how it is made by attending baking courses at Kruste & Krume. But that’s not all: there are also courses on baking apple strudel, fluffy Striezel (a sweet bread), Christmas cookies, carnival doughnuts and kaiser rolls.

Anyone who wants to try baking how grandma used to do would be well advised to try the baking courses at the Vollpension café. The Vollpension is an intergenerational café created with the aim of combating poverty in old age. In the café, senior citizens bake cakes and tarts and serve them accompanied by their life stories. Baking courses with grandma are also available. In the run-up to Christmas, the main focus is on Christmas cookies, while at other times the Vollpension offers cake and pastry making courses. These courses are not only offered in the bakery in Vienna, but also virtually.

The sweet side of Vienna

The Zuckerlwerkstatt (Sugar Workshop) offers a completely different perspective on the sweet side of Vienna. Here, sweets and candies are made by hand following centuries-old recipes. At the Schaumanufaktur in Führichgasse, visitors can watch sugar being made and discover the secrets of the Austrian sweet-making tradition. A tasting is included in the tour.

Most of these offerings are provided in German and English.



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