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8 Tips for a More Sustainable Visit to Vienna

  • Travel by train
    Vienna is a major international mobility hub and offers fantastic connections to Europe’s rail network. Passengers from 15 European countries can travel by train to Vienna quickly, in comfort and with minimal impact on the environment. Vienna Main Station is the best connected to the public transport network, offering maximum convenience for passengers wishing to continue their journey in the city. Carbon offsets are an alternative option for visitors arriving by plane.
  • Stay in a sustainable hotel
    There are numerous hotels in Vienna that make it a priority to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, from green facades to carbon-neutral heating to serving regional and seasonal cuisine. Look out for environmental certifications when choosing a hotel.
  • Carbon-neutral travel in the city
    Encourage your clients to make use of Vienna’s outstanding public transport network, walk where possible, or even ride a rental bicycle through the city. 
  • Enjoy Vienna´s water
    Tell your clients about Vienna’s excellent quality drinking water. Reusable bottles are a great option for minimizing waste. Visitors can drink or refill water bottles for free and whenever they want at one of the more than 1,300 fountains in Vienna.
  • Sustainable itineraries
    Supplement the itinerary for your clients with sustainable activities in Vienna, such as visits to the city’s eco-friendly museums or guided tours, some of which even focus on environmental protection.
  • Local and seasonal cuisine
    Vienna offers a varied dining scene with countless vegetarian and vegan restaurants. The latest culinary trend to grip the metropolis is known as farm-to-table. The idea is for vegetables to go more or less straight from the field onto the diner’s plate. It’s hard to get any more local or seasonal.
  • Digital travel guide - City Guide App ivie
    Recommend the digital city guide app “ivie” developed by the Vienna Tourist Board. The free app contains helpful tips about Vienna, exciting audio walks and useful information for any visit.
  • Explore Vienna´s less touristy neighborhoods
    Create a unique itinerary in Vienna for your clients by combining traditional attractions with bustling districts that avoid the usual tourist hotspots. This approach will also support small businesses and local cafés and restaurants.
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