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Which themes are currently focused on when promoting Vienna?

Vienna is focused on three very special topics in 2021: "Meeting in Vienna", "Feeling Vienna", and "Viennese Originals". In our content database, you'll find a large number of images on these topics which can be used for advertising purposes – simply enter the search term "All of Vienna".

What campaign is currently running to advertise Vienna?

Vienna is currently being advertised with the campaign "Feed your Soul" – Vienna as food for the soul, to reinvigorate starved minds.  

Where can I find itinerary suggestions?  

Vienna in 3 days: Never been to Vienna before? With our 72-hour program, you're guaranteed not to miss a thing on your first visit to Vienna. 

Are there special offers for families?  

Yes, of course. There are many Viennese secrets waiting to be discovered by children young and old. 

Where can I find tips for walks and tours?  

We have compiled some special tips for walks and tours for your visit to Vienna. Have fun browsing and discovering! 

Does Vienna also have special premium offers? 

Vienna offers many exclusive and luxurious experiences for its guests. 

What sustainable offers and experiences are there in Vienna?

If you're looking to have a healthy and sustainable holiday, then Vienna is the place to come. 

Where can I find restaurant recommendations for Vienna?  

Vienna's eateries – ranging from the typical Viennese "Beisl" (tavern) to the luxurious gourmet temple – offer the entire spectrum of regional and international delights to please the palate. 

Which restaurants in Vienna are suitable for groups?  

The establishments listed here represent just a small selection. 

Where can I find information on Vienna's cafés? 

The Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of gemütlichkeit. 

I'd like to visit a typical Viennese heuriger. Where can I find recommendations for this?  

It's as famous as the Giant Ferris Wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Boys Choir or the Lipizzaners. The real Viennese heuriger. You can find our top tips here.

Is there a list of incoming travel agencies? 

In order to compile your offer for Vienna, you will find the contact details of Viennese incoming travel agencies below. 

Is there an overview of all accommodation providers?  

You can find more than 400 hotels, guest houses and apartments, together with addresses and photographs, in our latest hotel list.  

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