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Vienna residents’ attitude towards tourism 2019

The continuous monitoring of Vienna’s resident’s attitude towards tourism underlines the importance and contribution of the visitor economy to the city and its residents. On a monthly basis, the Vienna Tourist Board, in collaboration with the market research institute MANOVA, monitors the attitude of residents of Vienna to tourism topics. The online study is based on a total of 3,657 interviews and is representative for the Viennese (online) population in the age-group of 18 – 70 years.

The Result: Nine out of ten of the city’s residents view its tourism industry in a positive light and therefore remain at the high level targeted within the Visitor Economy Strategy 2025. At the same time nine out of ten visitors would recommend visiting Vienna to others, as latest results from the Tourism Monitor Austria (T-MONA) study confirm. This balance among visitors’ and residents’ satisfaction is an essential component of a healthy visitor economy.

Find further details on the study here.

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