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Organisational development & Project management and Personnel, Finance & Controlling

Organisational development, Project management & HR

Katharina Bienert Katharina Bienert

Katharina Bienert

Pauline Bölzlbauer Pauline Bölzlbauer

Pauline Bölzlbauer

Klaus Eichhorn Klaus Eichhorn

Klaus Eichhorn

Organisational development, project management &
data protection
Amélie Heidler Amélie Heidler

Amélie Heidler

Public procurement and ICS (internal control system)
Andrea Kostner Andrea Kostner

Andrea Kostner

Project Management Sustainability Topics
Eva Magharai Eva Magharai

Eva Magharai

Bettina Molitor Bettina Molitor

Bettina Molitor

Paul Schnekker Paul Schnekker

Paul Schnekker


Finance & Controlling

Michael Pranz Michael Pranz

Michael Pranz

Evelyn Schmidt Evelyn Schmidt

Evelyn Schmidt

Sabine Steiger Sabine Steiger

Sabine Steiger

Public procurement & Controlling