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Social Media Success Driven by Content Realignment and Stand-Out Content

In 2023, the Vienna Tourist Board saw even more users engage with its already popular B2C social media channels, taking total follower numbers past the 1.4 million mark. In addition to our internationally available Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest channels, our Chinese platforms Weibo (around 215,000 followers) and WeChat (around 79,000 followers) also performed very well. The new addition to the portfolio, our TikTok channel which we launched at the end of June, accumulated more than 7,000 followers by the end of the year – significantly exceeding its target for 2023 (5,000 followers).

B2B reach and follower numbers also continued to rise. The Vienna Tourist Board and Vienna Convention Bureau LinkedIn channels saw their combined follower numbers exceed 18,500 in the course of the year. Realigning the content of the English-language channel on X (formerly Twitter) led to an increase in the number of followers to more than 15,000. Including its German-language channel, the Vienna Tourist Board now has more than 25,000 followers in total on X. 

The Vienna Tourist Board’s own video material is a key success factor behind the high reach and engagement levels recorded on the organization’s various social media channels. In addition to the continuation of the successful YouTube series VIENNA/NOW hosted by Adia Tritschler, 2023 featured the launch of another video series: "Hungry for More Vienna". This strategic drive enabled the Vienna Tourist Board to increase subscriber numbers on its YouTube channel to around 47,800 (up 20%).

Websites for Visitors and Vienna's Visitor Economy Doing Well

In 2023, racked up a total of almost 7.7 million users (up 10% on 2022) who generated around 23.1 million page impressions between them (up 11.8%). recorded 151,700 users (up 18.6%) and 388,800 page views (up 25%). User numbers and page views were also up for, to 107,000 (up 14%) and over 310,000 (up 24%), respectively.

Regular Vienna Newsletters Keep the World in the Loop

The Vienna Tourist Board’s B2C newsletter Vienna Newsletter in German and English ensures that Vienna fans around the world are always up to date. It was sent out a total of 30 times to more than 55,000 recipients in 2023. The average open rate was outstanding, at 37%.

The Vienna Press Info newsletter gives media representatives all the latest news relating to art, culture, travel, food and drink, lifestyle and much more in Vienna. Published in seven languages (German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and – since 2023 – Korean), it goes out to around 25,000 subscribers worldwide. In 2023, it was sent a total of 31 times and achieved an average open rate of around 34%. Features on new arrivals and reopenings on Vienna's culinary scene as well as articles on cultural highlights proved particularly popular.

Available in German and English, the Vienna Convention Bureau’s Meeting Destination Vienna Newsletter is aimed at international meeting planners – and, as such, directly at (potential) customers and participants in the Viennese meetings industry. In 2023, nine newsletters were sent out to more than 1,000 subscribers and the open rate was about 47%. Since 2023, content from the Meeting Destination Vienna newsletter has also been published in the Meeting News of Vienna LinkedIn newsletter, which attracted around 2,800 subscribers in just one year.

The Vienna Tourist Board’s Industry Newsletter kept round 1,800 contacts from the visitor economy in the picture when it came to the latest developments at the destination, key figures and the organization’s worldwide activities.

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