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VIDEO: Europe-wide "Vienna Secrets" campaign

The Vienna Tourist Board is breaking new ground in destination marketing with "Vienna Secrets": The guests – selected travel industry partners, from media to airlines – were not only audience but also actively involved in the events in their role as "private detectives". During the search for the "Vienna Secrets" book, thought to have been lost, they discovered much about Vienna and its cultural highlights in 2017.

Working in small groups, the invited guests were given the task of uncovering the secrets of a fictitious art thief. At six different locations, each typifying a Viennese characteristic, they were given important clues as to the book's whereabouts. Actors played the parts of curators, historians and patrons of the arts, revealing valuable information at each of the locations and guiding the detectives in the right direction, and thus to the next location, whether a theatre, antique shop or a coffeehouse. The riddle was finally solved during an evening get together involving dinner and Viennese wine.

Director of the Vienna Tourist Board, Norbert Kettner, was present at the launch of the event in London: "This new B2B format gives us the chance to make our city part of an interactive experience in other locations, and to give the guests a memorable and enjoyable evening. Our goal is to fix Vienna as a relevant destination in the minds of tour operators, journalists and airline representatives." In addition to London, the Vienna Tourist Board is touring with "Vienna Secrets" to Warsaw, Bucharest, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Rome and Barcelona.

Video "Vienna Secrets 2016"

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