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Is there a special program for agents?  

The Vienna Experts Club International is an initiative of the Vienna Tourist Board and is aimed at employees of travel agencies/tour operators, airlines, transport companies or online travel websites who work in the marketing or sales departments and offer trips to Vienna. 

Where can I find information about the Vienna City Card?  

The Vienna City Card – the added extra for your trip to Vienna. 

Is there an affiliate program for the Vienna City Card?  

Yes, there is! Become an official Vienna City Card retailer and offer your guests maximum flexibility during their trip to Vienna. 

Is there also a City Card for special experiences?  

Our Vienna City Card Experience Edition – discover the city afresh! Experience Vienna's various facets and enjoy the culinary offering in Viennese inns & restaurants for discounted prices. 

Is there a Vienna app with tips? 

May we present: ivie – your personal Vienna guide 

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