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Arrival and departure

What do I need to consider if I want to travel to Vienna at the moment? 

Tested, recovered and vaccinated people from certain countries may enter Austria. Depending on the country, there are differences in the quarantine regulations; immigration restrictions still apply to some countries. You can find a detailed overview of the relevant conditions here

What is the situation as regards traveling within Austria?  

Traveling within Austria is possible without any restrictions. An FFP2 mask must be worn when traveling on public transport.

What are the current restrictions within Austria when traveling by train?  

Please inquire before departure whether and which restrictions apply at your destination. 

Is it still necessary to quarantine in Vienna?  

Arrivals from certain countries are required to quarantine.  

Is it possible to leave quarantine early in Vienna by taking a test?  

Yes, you also have the option to leave quarantine early in Vienna by taking a test

What should I consider upon departure?

Please check the official pages of your home country for the immigration requirements there and about which type of test you will have to take for your journey home.

You can find information on testing options in Vienna here

Safe stay in Vienna

Am I required to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing?

An FFP2 mask must be worn in some areas. You must socially distance from people who do not live in the same household as you. You can find detailed information here

What has to be taken into consideration when using public transport? 

You must observe the following rules when using public transport.  

What is public and cultural life like in Vienna at the moment?  

Full information on public and cultural life in Vienna during the coronavirus pandemic. 

What needs to be considered when visiting cultural and leisure facilities?  

You must observe the following rules when visiting cultural and leisure facilities.  

What prerequisites must be met in order to stay at a hotel in Vienna?

You can find all important information about overnight stays at hotels in Vienna here

Are hotel guests also offered the possibility to get tested?

Many of Vienna's hotels offer their guests various testing options

Is there a Safe Stay seal in Vienna for accommodation providers?  

As a sought-after travel destination, Vienna defined stringent safety and hygiene rules for accommodation providers from the outset. 

Where should I go if I am sick or suspect I am sick during my stay? 

Visitors to Vienna who fall sick during their stay will be well taken care of. 

Additional information

The city of Vienna, the ministry and other public bodies offer a range of further information

News from Vienna

What new hotels are there in Vienna?  

From luxurious to laid-back, and from magnificent city center palace to the ultramodern high-rise made of timber: following lockdown, Vienna's hotel sector is showing extremely strong signs of life in the form of exciting new openings.

Does Vienna have any extraordinary hotels?  

When the hotel stay becomes an experience: we present the most extraordinary places you can experience an exciting night in when you come to Vienna.

Have any new museums opened in Vienna recently?  

Vienna has countless museums. Modern, postmodern, Albertina modern – Vienna has a new museum for modern and contemporary art. The Sigmund Freud Museum has reopened, freshly renovated. 

What event highlights are there in Vienna at the moment?  

You can find all current dates in our event database

Vienna Content & B2B Tools

Which themes are currently focused on when promoting Vienna?

Vienna is focused on three very special topics in 2021: "Meeting in Vienna", "Feeling Vienna", and "Viennese Originals". In our content database, you'll find a large number of images on these topics which can be used for advertising purposes – simply enter the search term "All of Vienna".

What campaign is currently running to advertise Vienna?

Vienna is currently being advertised with the campaign "Feed your Soul" – Vienna as food for the soul, to reinvigorate starved minds.  

Where can I find itinerary suggestions?  

Vienna in 3 days: Never been to Vienna before? With our 72-hour program, you're guaranteed not to miss a thing on your first visit to Vienna. 

Are there special offers for families?  

Yes, of course. There are many Viennese secrets waiting to be discovered by children young and old. 

Where can I find tips for walks and tours?  

We have compiled some special tips for walks and tours for your visit to Vienna. Have fun browsing and discovering! 

Does Vienna also have special premium offers? 

Vienna offers many exclusive and luxurious experiences for its guests. 

What sustainable offers and experiences are there in Vienna?

If you're looking to have a healthy and sustainable holiday, then Vienna is the place to come. 

Where can I find restaurant recommendations for Vienna?  

Vienna's eateries – ranging from the typical Viennese "Beisl" (tavern) to the luxurious gourmet temple – offer the entire spectrum of regional and international delights to please the palate. 

Which restaurants in Vienna are suitable for groups?  

The establishments listed here represent just a small selection. 

Where can I find information on Vienna's cafés? 

The Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of gemütlichkeit. 

I'd like to visit a typical Viennese heuriger. Where can I find recommendations for this?  

It's as famous as the Giant Ferris Wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Boys Choir or the Lipizzaners. The real Viennese heuriger. You can find our top tips here.

Is there a list of incoming travel agencies? 

In order to compile your offer for Vienna, you will find the contact details of Viennese incoming travel agencies below. 

Is there an overview of all accommodation providers?  

You can find more than 400 hotels, guest houses and apartments, together with addresses and photographs, in our latest hotel list.  

Experiencing Vienna virtually

Are there virtual museum tours?

The livestream series VIENNA SHOWCASE of the Vienna Tourist Board invites visitors to go on virtual tours of Vienna's current art and culture highlights. 

Is there any video material on the focal topic "All of Vienna"?

Yes, there is also a video for the focal topic "All of Vienna". The video gives an insight into the 3 themed areas: "Feeling Vienna", "Viennese Originals", and "Meeting in Vienna". 

Where can I find additional footage material on Vienna?

On our YouTube channel, you'll find many videos on Vienna, both general recordings and others that focus on specific topics. There is also a footage database, where you can find raw material of the city and its sights.  

Top tips

Is there a special program for agents?  

The Vienna Experts Club International is an initiative of the Vienna Tourist Board and is aimed at employees of travel agencies/tour operators, airlines, transport companies or online travel websites who work in the marketing or sales departments and offer trips to Vienna. 

Where can I find information about the Vienna City Card?  

The Vienna City Card – the added extra for your trip to Vienna. 

Is there an affiliate program for the Vienna City Card?  

Yes, there is! Become an official Vienna City Card retailer and offer your guests maximum flexibility during their trip to Vienna. 

Is there also a City Card for special experiences?  

Our Vienna City Card Experience Edition – discover the city afresh! Experience Vienna's various facets and enjoy the culinary offering in Viennese inns & restaurants for discounted prices. 

Is there a Vienna app with tips? 

May we present: ivie – your personal Vienna guide