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Vienna Media News – September 2022 ivie City Guide App: Discover Vienna with Personalized Content

The Vienna Tourist Board’s handy app (available on iOS and Android) provides myriad opportunities to see all the different sides to Vienna: ivie casts the capital’s sights in a fresh new light, and has no end of insider tips, captivating stories and out-there anecdotes on tap. The app is not just about the big attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace, the Prater and Giant Ferris Wheel, St. Stephen's Cathedral, and the Ringstrasse. ivie also knows all the tucked-away museums, architectural highlights, beautiful parks, great markets and places that a lot of locals aren’t necessarily aware of, but are always worth a visit. Hundreds of fascinating locations are out there just waiting to be found. To help visitors get the best out of everything the city has to offer, ivie has a host of digital options up its sleeve: new feature FOR YOU is all about personalization, providing bespoke content that reflects the individual user’s specific interests. And accessing all of this premium content is completely free of charge.

Surprise Me 

To activate the new FOR YOU feature, all ivie users have to do is select their favorites from ten areas of interest. People who are looking to immerse themselves in the city’s cultural life should go for Viennese Landmarks or categories such as Authentic Vienna, Museums & Galleries or Music & Theater. It also has individual categories devoted to green Vienna, insider tips, family fun, LGBT and the capital’s hip and cool side. Once users have specified their interests, ivie will provide tailored suggestions on where to go and what to see each day. The perfect tool for urban explorers, especially since Vienna is packed with surprises. Users who prefer to browse content that has already been curated for them can use the popular HIGHLIGHTS feature instead. This section of the app presents a seasonal “best of” featuring Viennese classics, interesting new arrivals and fascinating tips. Including some that take users off the beaten track, this highlight reel provides a great introduction to the variety that the city has to offer.

An Audio Trip Around the Ring with ivie  

ivie’s Walks & Guides feature, which opens up lots of different ways for visitors to explore the city, is being expanded all the time. There are audio walks as well as special routes for anyone who just fancies a stroll, in addition to practical guides that focus on specific topics ranging from LGBT and Viennese Modernism to Red Vienna and Contemporary Architecture. One of the highlights, the Ringstrasse audio walk, stretches from Otto Wagner’s Post Savings Bank building to the Votivkirche church, providing an immersive experience that goes beyond the city’s imperial pomp: ivie also approaches the Ringstrasse from pop-cultural and queer angles, among others. Famous sights featured in movies including Before Sunrise crop up, as well as locations associated with the creator of the world’s first fitted kitchen Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, fashion designer Helmut Lang and a long-forgotten champion European cyclist. At the Palais Erzherzog Ludwig Viktor stop on the tour, ivie bathes the Habsburg monarchy in a rainbow light. The fact the Ringstrasse boulevard is a living, breathing part of the city that is constantly reinventing itself is shown by the constant addition of new highlights such as the Albertina modern and the new museum showing the Heidi Horten Collection – both of which ivie takes in.

A Tour of the City Inspired by Beethoven 

It’s not just the Ringstrasse that’s the star of ivie’s audio tours. The Beethoven audio walk leads listeners on a tour of the old town that follows in the footsteps of the great composer. Staging posts along the way include the venues where his works were first performed and former residences as well as museums devoted to music – all of which ivie has plenty to say about. The tour also invites participants to hop on public transportation and take a look around Heiligenstadt where Beethoven also spent a lot of his time. Among the key Beethoven sites that await in this pretty suburb of Vienna are the Beethoven Museum, the Beethoven Memorial and the Mayer am Pfarrplatz Heuriger wine tavern. His final resting place at Vienna’s legendary Central Cemetery is also part of the audio walk.

Retracing the Steps of a Modernist Visionary

ivie brings the multifaceted work of an era-defining architect to life in the new Otto Wagner Guide. The pioneer and modernist visionary shaped Vienna's cityscape like no other architect. ivie's Otto Wagner Guide reveals where Wagner's main works can be found in Vienna: from the Nussdorf weir to examples of his legacy throughout the capital’s central districts such as the Wienzeile apartment buildings, as well as the glorious Otto Wagner Church at Steinhof and his former private villa, which is now home to the Ernst Fuchs Museum. 

Another new addition to ivie is the LGBT Guide. Launched just in time for Pride Month 2022, it confirms that Vienna is a highly popular destination for LGBT travelers.  The guide gives a fantastic overview of everything the city has to offer the community, such as the famous Kaiserbründl gay sauna and legendary eatery Motto. But it also tells of lesbian archduchesses in the rooms of what is now the Albertina and looks at the Belvedere’s gay backstory in the time of Prince Eugene.

The Perfect Companion in Vienna 

ivie offers a ton of practical support that goes far beyond these urban voyages of discovery. It knows where to find drinking water fountains and restroom facilities as well as public transportation and other urban mobility solutions. Anyone with a curious mind can activate the option to receive notifications containing inside tips relating to nearby places. Users can also save personal landmarks such as the location of the hotel they are staying at directly on the map to ensure that they never lose their way. ivie is helpful when it comes to planning an itinerary, too. Sightseeing favorites can be browsed and bookmarked before traveling to Vienna to create a personalized to-do list.

Bonus Feature: the Vienna City Card 

Last but by no means least: the Vienna City Card adds another string to ivie’s bow. In addition to unlimited travel on the capital’s outstanding public transportation network, the official city card grants holders attractive discounts and concessions at participating museums, sights, theaters, and concert venues.

Multi-Award-Winning App 

In 2021, ivie won the interactive advertising bureau austria’s (iab) webAD gold award in the Best Website, App & Commerce category. The iab webAD is one of the most important prizes in the nation’s digital economy. And ivie also won gold in the App & Tool category of the 2021 Annual Multimedia Award. The app is also a runaway success in the app stores: ivie has been downloaded more than 200,000 times to date!


ivie holds the keys to Vienna thanks to the following features: 

For You 

Personalized Vienna experience: choose the things that interest you most and ivie will serve up fresh sightseeing tips each day.

Walks & Guides 

Follow the leader: ivie’s Walks & Guides uncover fascinating locations grouped by subject: Beethoven’s Vienna, the Ringstrasse, LGBT and much more besides.


Become a Vienna expert: from sights, insider tips and eating out – ivie will show you the way, keep you in the loop and introduce you to various undiscovered gems.


Keep on top of everything: ivie knows exactly where to find museums, sights, concert venues, drinking water fountains and restrooms.

Vienna City Card  

Access all areas: besides unlimited travel on the capital’s outstanding public transportation network, the official city card grants holders attractive discounts and concessions at participating museums, theaters, hotels and sights, as well as cafés, bars and restaurants.


Plan your trip to Vienna: ivie lets you add sights, museums, galleries, concert venues etc. to your favorites to make it even easier to find them later.

My Locations 

Save the places you’ve discovered: locations that mean something special to you, but ivie doesn’t necessarily know about can also be saved. Your own personal locations can be added to the favorites list.

Ivie’s Tips 

Stay one step ahead: ivie’s tips will keep you across all the latest developments so that you are always in the right place at the right time – whenever something special is going on near you. Just remember that you need to enable notifications if you want to receive ivie’s tips.

ivie Factfile:

  • Info on more than 150 museums, sights, concert venues, parks, monuments, sporting venues, markets, event locations and much more besides. 
  • Hundreds of fun facts, bizarre anecdotes and plenty of spellbinding stories that will help you discover a different side to Vienna. 
  • Hundreds of photos and dozens of videos paint an immersive picture of life in the capital. 
  • ivie will lead you out of the old town to special locations in all 23 of the capital’s districts. 
  • More than 400 hospitality providers – from down-to-earth Beisls to Heuriger wine taverns to award-winning gourmet restaurants ­–  and more than 200 Vienna City Card partners are on board. 
  • ivie is available free of charge in German and English. The Vienna City Card can be purchased in the app as an add on.


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