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Vienna: Second-best year for tourism brings record accommodation turnover

“Vienna’s tourism has completely shaken off the effects of the pandemic and has returned to the path of success,” said Norbert Kettner, CEO of the Vienna Tourist Board, summarizing the positive results. Vienna recorded 17,261,000 overnight stays last year, only 2% below the previous record set in 2019 but more than 4.7% higher than in 2018. Vienna’s Visitor Economy, therefore, achieved its second-best figures for overnight stays of all time. “Much more important than the number of overnight stays, however, is the revenue generated by the accommodation establishments – this grew by around a third more than the number of overnight stays throughout 2023 and had already surpassed its previous record from 2019 by the end of November,” explains Kettner. The €1.08 billion generated from January to November represents an increase of 42.3% compared to 2022 and 19.5% relative to 2019.

American visitors surpass one million overnight stays for the 2nd time

“Our commitment to high-quality tourism, our targeted marketing aimed at a culturally aware and affluent audience, and the global positioning of Vienna as a meeting destination, even during the pandemic, were the foundations for putting Vienna’s tourism in pole position in 2023,” says Kettner. German and Austrian visitors make up the largest market share in Vienna’s international blend. Vienna’s highest-volume overseas market, the USA, is third in the national rankings. With 1,043,000 overnight stays (+37%), the USA surpassed its best figures from 2019, when the million mark was exceeded for the first time. Italy, the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland, and Romania complete the top 10 countries of origin with the highest number of overnight stays. Significant growth was also recorded in visitors from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in 2023. There were also increases in the numbers from South Korea, China, and Japan, although these have not yet returned to their pre-pandemic levels. The latest key figures covering all the markets of origin recorded are available in full at:

Hotels: growth in the luxury segment

With approximately 74,400 beds in 37,700 rooms in 410 hotels, Vienna’s accommodation capacity now exceeds pre-pandemic levels. Around 60% of the hotel beds are in 4 and 5-star establishments. In 2019, Vienna had 22 luxury hotels, whereas by the end of 2023, there were 25. 

2024: Vienna’s districts in the spotlight

Under the motto “Heartbeat Streets,” the Vienna Tourist Board is putting eleven notable neighborhoods that couldn’t be more different on the international stage in its annual theme for 2024 – and involving the people who shape these neighborhoods. “As places where people come together, interact, and create, Vienna’s neighborhoods increasingly fascinate visitors looking for authentic experiences and encounters with genuine people in the post-pandemic age of travel. Vienna has a lot of these to offer. We are bringing the districts of Vienna that lie outside the touristic center to the forefront of our marketing activities to enable the entire city to benefit from the added value of tourism,” explains Kettner. Find out more at

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