Market and Media Management

Each year, the market managers represent Vienna at some 150 trade fairs and shows, presentations and workshops for tour operators and travel agents, and other trade events. In the process, they cultivate relations with business partners, and introduce new offers and advertising aids. They also provide the Vienna Tourist Board with information on countries’ bookings in Vienna, and competition surveys, which are vital for the adaptation of the board’s general strategy. Other activities also carried out by the market managers include shop window campaigns for travel agencies, distributing advertising materials at the point of sale, and taking care of some 2,700 travel agents visiting Vienna each year.
The department’s media managers serve around a thousand selected media representatives whom the Vienna Tourist Board invites to Vienna each year, or who participate in special press trips. Journalists from print media, as well as many television and film teams receive valuable support for their research work, in their search for locations and shooting. New trends and Vienna offers are presented at up to 50 press conferences a year in key markets. Every year, all this intensive media work results in over two thousand attractive and widespread Vienna reports in all parts of the world. This is in addition to a significant number of contributions in print media, on radio and television in an unmonitored "grey area".

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