View from the city hall to the Burgtheater

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Welcome to Walk'n'Win

Created exclusively for you, the virtual walks are designed not only to show you Vienna’s traditional tourist attractions, but also to tell you the backstories and anecdotes about some of its famous residents that you won’t find in any travel guide. You will be able to pass on your enthusiasm for Vienna and your newly gained knowledge about the city to guests who will hopefully start returning soon.

We would like to share with you this exclusive Vienna insiders’ knowledge in cooperation with the Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien), as well as give you the chance to win a prize: each virtual walk is linked to five competition questions which are waiting for your answers.

How it works

  • A new walk will be published online every day at 15:00 during the week beginning May 10.
  • There are a total of five virtual walks, each around 30 minutes in length. They are organized as a series of related tours, which means you should start with Tour 1 and then work through the series in consecutive order. (All tours will be online by May 14.)
  • Each walk has its own competition offering several attractive prizes.
  • To answer the competition questions you will need to first follow the virtual walk online, and then set off to explore the city and retrace the route on foot. Some of the questions can only be answered if you keep precisely to the route outlined by our online tour guide. Look out for signs, buildings, and monuments on your walk...

The competition — how to play:

  • Each walk has its own competition which requires you to answer 3 multiple-choice questions. There are 5 competitions in total.
  • You will have no problem answering all the questions if you follow the virtual walk online and then retrace it yourself on foot.
  • Just fill out the relevant competition form on our website and you will be entered into the prize draw.
  • 5 videos, 5 chances to win: Each of the 5 videos gives you the chance to be entered into the prize draw. Increase your chances of winning a prize by correctly answering all the questions set for each of the virtual walks.”.
  • There are many attractive prizes to be won, including dinner and an overnight stay for two at a Vienna hotel, great non-cash prizes, and much more.
  • The deadline for taking part is June 9.
  • The winners will be contacted by email. Each participant may only win one prize.

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