One Museum, Two Exhibitions

The leading watercolorists of the day were commissioned by Archduke Ferdinand (from 1835 Emperor Ferdinand I) to compose a picture book of the most attractive scenery and major locations in the Austrian Empire and neighboring countries. 226 of the 300 large format watercolors are from the Albertina’s own holdings. The finest examples of the heyday of Austrian watercolor painting were completed by Jakob and Rudolf von Alt, and a selection of their works is on display at the Albertina.
The last series of works created by Andy Warhol before his death came about as part of a monumental commission from Daimler: The 40 piece portfolio of works — featuring a number of large format pieces — represents the high point of the pop artist’s career. He offers a garish take on the history of the automobile covering everything from turn of the century vintage cars to contemporary racing cars. The Andy Warhol series is complemented by works from Robert Longo and a five-meter high Sylvie Fleury video installation which is an erotic ballet about the vehicle production process.

By Order of the Ermperor. Jakob and Rudolf von Alt, Feb 10-May 24, 2010
Andy Warhol - Cars.
Featuring works by Robert Longo, Sylvie Fleury and Vincent Szarek from the Daimler Art Collection.
Jan 22-May 16, 2010
Albertinaplatz 1, 1st district


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