Schönbrunn Palace Arrival Center – more comfort for buses and guests

The new Schönbrunn Arrival Center is located on the left side of Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse, the existing parking strip on the right-hand side of the road, directly in front of the Palace, will be removed. The new Arrival Center will increase the number of bus bays to 48 and make things more comfortable for both passengers and bus drivers

The Arrival Center has its own single-level Group Center with basement underneath, with group counter, luggage lockers, a storage room for group luggage, accessible and modern sanitary facilities, a shop as well as a covered bus arrival area integrated into the building. Bus drivers have access to a free water supply and recycling point. A total of 300 newly planted trees also improve the feeling of well-being upon arrival.

Free time window for boarding and alighting

At the new Arrival Center, buses can let their passengers alight and board free of charge during a certain time window.

When the new center opens, tickets for groups will only be issued in the Group Center. Around 30 minutes should then also be allowed for visitors to make their way between the new car park and the entrance turnstiles. This is important because the booked ticket time slots of the visitors are only recorded when the guests pass through the turnstiles.

The Arrival Center will open on September 19; a second building with car parking spaces, a photovoltaic system and charging points for electric cars will be completed in the middle of 2020. The existing APCOA car park will continue to operate until the opening of the bus parking bays. While the car park is being built, cars may also park in the bus park.

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