150 Years of the Ringstrasse

Opera and theater, Life Ball, Pallas Athena, coffeehouse, museums, Danube Canal, as well as the Secession will symbolize the 5.3 km long Vienna Ringstrasse in an exclusive film from the Vienna Tourist Board - as symbols of the many faces of this essential artery for the traffic and the life of the city.

Vienna Tourist Board will spread its net very wide for the next big focus year 2015, and will treat all aspects of the Ringstrasse itself, as well as the "Ringstrasse broadly understood" (Secession art movement, music society, etc.). Noble palaces and bourgeois residences will be highlighted just as will the great museums and political homes along the Ringstrasse. Just as important, of course, the "modern ring" will be spotlighted, including the Life Ball, the Ringturm, the Ice World, and much more.

2015 will be the year of the Ringstrasse. The arc will stretch from 1865 to the present in order to celebrate the 150 years properly.


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