New record for Vienna: 11.4 million visitor overnights in 2011

The strongest growth in Vienna's main markets in 2011 was achieved by Russia (522,000 bednights, +36%), followed by Spain (388,000, +17%) and Switzerland (346,000, +12%). Bednights from France were up 8% (345,000), from Italy by 5% (657,000), from the United Kingdom also by 5% (393,000), from Japan by 4% (277,000), and from Germany by 3% (2,381,000). The figure for the USA remained unchanged compared to 2010 (561,000), and only Austria fell below the previous year's result (2,096,000, 7%). Bednights from Canada were up 8 % (117,000).

Director of Tourism Norbert Kettner commenting on 2011's record result: "Last year Vienna reported eight months with over a million bednights. Besides the already traditional months of May, July, August and September, 2011 saw the addition of four new ones - April, June, October and December. An increase in bednights was reported for no fewer than 46 of the 52 markets for which statistics are collected. The fact that our overall result so significantly exceeded 2010's record confirms once again our strategy of diversification and continual expansion into new markets." All categories of Vienna's accommodation establishments benefited from the positive result for the year 2011. Average bed occupancy in 2011 was 56.5%, equivalent to a room occupancy of around 71%.

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