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Vienna Media News 05/2018 Beyond the vineyards

Viennese vermouth manufacturer Burschik can trace its roots all the way back to 1891. Over the years the recipe for this popular aperitif and cocktail ingredient has been fine-tuned to keep up with changing tastes. Three varieties of the latest version of Burschik’s Vermouth are available; Klassik, Dry and Red. Anyone with a taste for vermouth can sample the products and pick up a bottle or two from the Burschik Lounge at the distillery near Westbahnhof.

Wien Gin is the brainchild of three friends who call themselves “the Vienna Boiler Brothers”. After years of experimenting, they finally settled on their Viennese gin whose delicate elderflower and fruity notes provide the perfect complement to the drink’s classic juniper aromas. Presented in a bottle featuring an eye-catching Art Nouveau label, Wien Gin is a popular gift choice.

Wodka Linia is produced in Vienna according to an old Polish family recipe. The raw ingredients of potato and water are brewed and distilled using time-honored techniques. Free of additives, it is also excellent unchilled. This Viennese vodka is also an art project. Each bottle features a hand-painted line – hence the name Wodka Linia – and artists design limited editions including a special for this year’s Parallel Vienna art fair.

European valerian, Australian eucalyptus, Japanese yuzu: the ingredients that go into Kalê come from all over the world. This stimulating, aromatic Viennese herbal liqueur is available at selected pharmacies, as well as markets. It can also be enjoyed straight and as a mixer in various bars in the city. A herbal Vermouth tea blend and blackcurrants are the basic ingredients of wie.bitter. This refreshing and slightly bitter drink does not contain any alcohol or quinine. According to its creators it is ideal as an aperitif or thirst-quencher, as an accompaniment to a meal and as an ingredient for drinks and cocktails.


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