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Vienna Media News 04/2018 2018 Vienna Festival

Artistic director Thomas Zierhofer-Kin is bringing a wide range of genres and artists to Vienna from 30 different countries for his second year in charge of the Vienna Festival. The opening ceremony of the avant-garde festival, on May 11, 2018 at Vienna’s Rathausplatz, is open to the public and will be broadcast around the world. A total of 40,000 tickets are available for the festival.

On the first day, Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven is presenting his provocative performance Phobiarama at MuseumsQuartier – a ghost train that takes audience members on a journey through the uncanny. In The Song of Roland: The Arabic Version, Egyptian artist Wael Shawky has 20 singers perform the bloodiest verses of the medieval Song of Roland.

Artists making their debut in Austria at the Vienna Festival this year include German director Ersan Mondtag, with his production of The Oresteia, and Susanne Kennedy with The Virgin Suicides, a psychedelic trip based on Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel and Sophia Coppola’s film of the same name. Christoph Marthaler is a Vienna Festival regular, his production Tiefer Schweb traps an underwater committee in a pressure chamber in Lake Constance.

Kornél Mundruczó’s film project Winterreise is about refugees holding out in Hungary, with music by Hans Zeder inspired by Schubert. Ong Keng Sen and the National Theater of Korea look far back into the past with Trojan Women.

F23, a former coffin factory, is the setting for Hyperreality, the Vienna Festival’s sub-festival of club culture. For three nights, it will be home to experimental electronic music that blurs the borders between performance, pop and visual art. The club is presented as a space of possibilities, on the other side of reality. Music is a medium of expression and liberation. Artists featured at Hyperreality include Venezuelan musician, singer and producer Arca (May 24, 2018), eloquent pop diva Kelela from the USA as well as Detroit electronic legend DJ Assault (May 25, 2018), and Berlin-based rapper Taktlos aka Real Geizt (May 26, 2018).


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