Vienna Media News 10/2017 Viennese Ball Season

November 11 signals the start of the most enjoyable time of the year for ball enthusiasts and avid dancers. The Viennese ball season gets under way right at the start of the carnival season with a public waltz in the old town. Instructors from the city’s top dance schools ensure that everything passes off in perfect three-four time. The old tradition of Fasching (carnival) balls still lives on in the city to this day, even if the season now extends long into spring and, in some cases, as far as summer. That said, the Viennese ball season definitely reaches a crescendo in January and February when one event follows hot on the heels of the next.

More than 450 balls take place in the Austrian capital every year, with the most popular among them attracting anything up to 6,000 guests. Not only important from a social point of view, Vienna's balls also have a wider economic impact. According to a 2016 study by the Vienna Economic Chamber, the average ball guest spends EUR 270 on preparing for a ball and the event itself. In 2016 the Viennese ball season brought in EUR 131 million in total. More than three-quarters of the season’s 500,000 ball guests were based in Vienna, about 60,000 from the Austrian provinces and 55,000 travelled from abroad.

The main Viennese balls include traditional events such as the Opera Ball, the Vienna Philharmonic Ball and the Vienna Coffeehouse Owners' Ball, the Red Cross Ball before Christmas and the Hofburg Silvesterball at the turn of the year. There are also numerous “industry” balls such as the Vienna Science Ball, the Bonbon Ball, the Lawyer’s Ball and the Concordia Ball, as well as the LGBT Rainbow Ball, and various charity balls such as the Life Ball and Refugee Ball and the Fête Impériale summer ball.


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