Vienna Media News 05/2017 Hello, Robot!

Contributions from the fields of art, design, and architecture will sketch out the joint potential of robots and human work as an opportunity to bring about humanely-motivated positive change. From June 21 to October 1 2017 the Vienna Biennale will open up creative thinking spaces for contemplating meaningful living and working and the sustainable use of robotics and artificial intelligence in the digital age.

The Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine exhibition at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna – looks at the role of robotics in our daily lives and the decisive role played by design. Exhibits will show where we already encounter robots and where we will in the near future: in industry, in the military and in our day-to-day lives. In children's bedrooms and old people’s homes, in the human body and in the cloud, out shopping and when having sex, in computer games and naturally in literature and film.

Artistic works are at the heart of the Artificial Tears. Singularity & Humanness – A Speculation group show at the MAK. Extension and optimization of the human body through wearable or implanted computer technology, nanotechnology, memory-enhancing drugs and life-extending measures completely redefine accepted ideas and ways of living – from business models to the human lifecycle, including the concept of death.

StadtFabrik (a joint project between departure – the Vienna Business Agency’s creative center – and the MAK) is researching new fields of activity in the creative economy, with a focus on identifying and drawing attention to future potential within the urban environment. Six “demonstrators” at various locations in the capital explore the topics of digitalization, the new culture of work and urban production processes.

Inside the MAK, the IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna is curating an exhibition for StadtFabrik focusing on three areas of work in the modern digital age: creative working and interdisciplinary co-creativity, social working (including working for the common good and sustainable working) as represented by a closed-loop economy and the innovative use of metropolitan resources.

As at its 2015 premiere, the 2017 Vienna Biennale initiated by MAK Director Christoph Thun-Hohenstein is organized by the MAK in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Kunsthalle Wien, the Architekturzentrum Wien, and departure – the Vienna Business Agency’s creative center – and supported by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) as a non-university research partner.


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