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Colorful tiles on the roof of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Vienna Media News 12/2015 Culinary news from Vienna

A new restaurant is opening at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art on Vienna’s Ringstrasse boulevard. Salon Plafond will welcome its first customers at the end of 2015, in the premises vacated by its predecessor in September this year. The culinary concept is the brainchild of star chef Tim Mälzer from Hamburg and a pair of Viennese restaurateurs. Its pared-down, purist approach lets ingredients and craftsmanship take centre stage. The original MAK restaurant opened in 1993 as the MAK Café with interiors designed by Austrian architect Hermann Czech. In 2006 it was adapted by Viennese studio eichinger oder knechtl and given a new lease of life as a contemporary Viennese Gasthaus. Credit for the latest revamp goes to another Viennese architect, Michael Embacher. The tables and chairs are Oswald Haerdtl designs and the textiles come from the Swedish-Austrian architect Josef Frank, who is the subject of a special exhibition at the MAK which starts on December 16, 2015. A few buildings – or mansion houses, to be more precise – farther on is the newly opened Grand Ferdinand hotel on Schubertring. Since October 2015 the elegant ground floor restaurant has been making a name for itself with its classic Viennese cuisine. It also has another restaurant on the top floor which is exclusively reserved for hotel guests.

Luxury Viennese vegetarian restaurant Tian – which picked up a Michelin star earlier in the year – opened a new offshoot in the seventh district in autumn2015. Tian Bistro am Spittelberg serves uncomplicated, fast and fresh vegetarian cuisine. The menu features inventive breakfast options, Flammkuchen, shiitake mushroom tartare and homemade sodas. Self-service restaurant yamm!, which is set to open a new branch at Praterstern in the second district in the summer of 2016, offers rich pickings for fans of vegetarian and vegan food. Like its Ringstrasse and Naschmarkt restaurants, the new yamm! will have a central buffet island, children’s play area and takeaway options. A new vegan bakery, NomNom, has opened its doors in the second district. This pink mini café and pastry shop is the place for cupcakes, macaroons and cakes, the majority of which are made using organic ingredients – without any eggs, butter or milk.

Several new additions have taken the capital’s Far Eastern dining scene up several notches. Simon Xie Hong, who already has three restaurants in the city, has opened his new ChinaBar an der Wien. Located near Naschmarkt, its menu focuses on spicy Sichuan cuisine. Korean master chef Sohyi Kim now has a small restaurant of her own once again. At Kim in the ninth district she cooks a ten-course menu each evening in an exclusive setting.

With market stands offering regional products from vegetables to bread, selected international specialties and a restaurant with its own bar and café,  Marktwirtschaft – which opened on Siebensterngasse in the seventh district in mid-November – is a next-generation gourmet market. The idea is to transform a loft-style culinary concept store right in the heart of Vienna’s most creative district into a mecca for foodies. Markterei is looking to add an alternative to supermarket shopping. Since November 27, 2015 selected Austrian producers have been offering their wares every Friday and Saturday in the main hall of the old post office building in the first district. The focus is firmly on quality, locally-sourced and sustainable produce, with food and drink also on sale to provide a pick-me-up for shoppers to enjoy as they take a break. Lingenhel, another gourmet meeting place, will open in February 2016 in the third district. Culinary wizard Johannes Lingenhel transformed a 200-year-old building complex on Landstrasser Hauptstrasse into a gourmet shop with its own cheesemakers that produces buffalo and goats milk specialties including camembert, brie and mozzarella. The shop also carries selected products such as bread and olive oil. A restaurant and guest garden are set to follow in spring 2016.


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