Vienna: Records set in the first 6 months for bed nights and hotel sales

"Of the 30 countries with strong bed night figures in Vienna, in the first half of the year only four countries showed a decline compared to the first half of 2010, while sixteen had two-digit growth rates," Norbert Kettner, director of the Vienna Tourist Board, explained. Despite a slight decrease, Germany (1,089,000, -1%) and Austria (1,002,000,  4%) still head the top ten list for bed nights in Vienna, followed by Italy (276,000, +6 %) in third place. An increase from Russia (256,000, +41%) caused it to move to fourth place, more than making up for the declines mentioned above. The USA (246,000, +6%) ranks in fifth place, followed by Great Britain (174,000, +6%), France (156,000, +13%), Switzerland (156,000, +10%), Spain (136,000, +11%) and Romania (111,000, +5%). The surprise came from Japan, which after Fukushima showed only a small drop of 3%, with numbers on the rise again since May. The fourth market with negative numbers is - as one might expect - Greece. There was huge growth from Central and South America with an increase in bed nights of 48%, China with 40% growth, and the Arab countries of Asia with +32%. Net bed night turnover for Vienna's accommodation providers rose 12% in the period January to May 2011 (the figures for June are not yet available), setting a new record of EUR 182.3 million.


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