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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien






The Kunsthistorisches Museum recently introduced a unique new service for blind and deaf visitors. A group of three masterpieces from the Renaissance collection in the picture gallery have been transformed into hands-on, 3D relief pictures. High-resolution photos of Raffael's Madonna in Green, Albrecht Dürer's Madonna and Child, and Jean Fouquet's Gonella the Ferrera Court Jester were the starting point for the milled reliefs which provide an accurate portrayal of the masterpieces' construction and numerous details. A braille brochure and tour guides supply additional information on the pictures.

The Upper Belvedere offers special "haptic" tours with detailed descriptions of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's Charakterköpfen busts. The Landleben und Sommerfrische guided tour at the Austrian Folklore Museum gives visually impaired and blind visitors an opportunity to handle a selection of its outstanding wooden and ceramic exhibits. The Roman Museum in the first district is another place where visually impaired visitors are treated to a hands-on experience.

Multimedia guides with Austrian sign language are available for deaf visitors to Schönbrunn Palace, the Upper Belvedere and the Roman Museum. The official website of the Vienna Tourist Board,, also contains a host of information in sign-language videos in a range of languages (auf ÖGS, DGS, ASL, BSL and LSF). A special section of the website contains in-depth information on traveling to Vienna

PI, Belvedere, barrierefrei, Anders Sehen Fuehrung You can also download a print-ready version of this image. Download here







You can also download a print-ready version of this image. Download here

Roman Museum

A voyage of discovery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum for blind and visually impaired children, teenagers and adults

Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1st district
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A different angle at the Upper Belvedere

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27, 3rd district
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Landleben und Sommerfrische, Austrian Folklore Museum

Laudongasse 15-19, 8th district
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Roman Museum

Hoher Markt 3, 1st district


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