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Sisi Vienna






The Empress's unique personal effects are exhibited at the Sisi Museum (in the former imperial apartments in the Hofburg), including her few surviving summer clothes, her travel medicine chest and the mourning jewelry that she wore after the death of her son, Crown Prince Rudolph. Vienna's Imperial Furniture Collection has dedicated a permanent exhibition to the legendary Sissi films from the 1950s. Starring a young Romy Schneider, this film trilogy chronicling Elisabeth's early years as Empress is one of the most successful German language film productions of all time. The sets used authentic period furniture from the storerooms of the imperial furniture depot. Film clips, props, photographs and posters reunite the film version of the Empress with her historical alter ego.

And finally, there is even a fashion store in Vienna dedicated to the Empress. Sissy Schranz, proprietor of Sisi Vienna, has studied the clothing and style of her historical namesake, and assembled a timelessly elegant and high quality collection "with the flair of the eternal Empress" - meaning that women today can feel like Sisi from head to toe.

Sisi Museum

Hofburg, 1st district

Hofmobiliendepot. Imperial Furniture Collection.

Andreasgasse 7, 7th district

Sisi Vienna

Annagasse 11, 1st district


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