A week-long festival of the arts

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Vienna Art Week was initiated seven years ago by the Art Cluster Vienna to raise the profile of the city's leading art institutions, museums and galleries on the international stage. Founded by the Dorotheum, the Art Cluster's members include some of the most influential museums and cultural and educational facilities in the capital. Growing constantly since its inception, the initiative is now one of the leading art festivals in Europe. This week-long festival is packed with exhibition openings, special guided tours, gallery days, panel discussions and much more besides.

The 2011 event will focus on all aspects of Reflecting Reality, as it illustrates the ties between Vienna and other major world cultural capitals. It also explores the host city's international reputation as the birthplace of psychoanalysis, and examines interpretations of art as a mechanism for reflection against the prism of increasingly complex realities.

Vienna Art Week

Nov 14-20, 2011


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