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2011 will see the inaugural Vienna Pride gay and lesbian event play out for a full week in the Austrian capital. The Pride Village, a tent city by the Naschmarkt and Kettenbrückengasse subway station, will offer a mix of food, culture, sideshows, and information. The Rainbow Parade on the Ringstrasse boulevard (June 18, 2011) is the undisputed highlight of Vienna Pride. The 2011 event bows out with one big Pride Party at various clubs throughout the city.

The first ever Rainbow Parade was held in 1996, and quickly came to symbolize solidarity, tolerance and equality. The parade's origins stretch all the way back to June 1969 and Christopher Street, which was the scene of the first mass protest against police brutality by New York's gay and lesbian community - in various countries all over the world events like this are known as Christopher Street Day (or CSD) celebrations. In a show of solidarity the parade along the Ringstrasse on June 18, 2011 makes a circuit the other way round the showpiece boulevard, against the usual direction of the traffic.

Vienna Pride & Rainbow Parade

Jun 14-19 2011


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