Festival for the Artists from Gugging

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House of Artists






The House of Artists in Maria Gugging near Klosterneuburg (about 20km outside Vienna) is the home and workplace of a unique group of sketch artists, painters, and poets. Its residents have long since left the stigma associated with psychiatric care institutes behind them, and in some cases even found critical acclaim with their Art Brut portfolios. A new exhibition opening at the specialist Art Brut Museum Gugging on June 22, 2011 will present the international successes of the Gugging Group in a special show entitled guggging.! 25 Years. The show centers on a collection of works that have been on display at museums and galleries all over the world. Each piece has played a role in the development and rich tradition of art from Gugging. Exhibition lists document the eventful history of the unique and artistically prolific House of Artists.

Established as a Centre for Art Psychotherapy by Austrian psychiatrist Leo Navratil a quarter of a century ago, the facility was transformed into the House of Artists residential center by his successor, the psychiatrist and artist Johann Feilacher. The new name was chosen to express the change of emphasis - rather than treating the residents as patients, the new facility instead focused on the artists as human beings. Over the past 40 years Gugginger Art Brut has grown into a truly unique cultural center. In addition to the House of Artists, the Art / Brut Center Gugging also includes the museum gugging which has an extensive Art Brut collection and features a constantly changing exhibition program. The galerie gugging which is owned by the artists, a library and an open studio are also part of the center.

25 Years. Anniversary exhibition marking 25 years of the House of Artists

Jun 22 2011-Mar 4, 2012
Museum Gugging
Am Campus 2, 3400 Maria Gugging


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