Vienna's water tower Favoriten
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Making a splash

A 15,000 square meter waterpark has sprung up in Favoriten on the site of an historic water tower and the underground storage tanks it used to feed. The new development is a place for people to play, have fun and relax, and immerse themselves in every aspect of this fascinating element. A water trail lifts the lid on Vienna's water supply: refreshing mountain spring water is transmitted directly to the city via a pair of pipelines of about 330 kilometers - without using a single mechanical pump. The tree-lined green trail is punctuated with waterfalls, ponds, brooks and bridges. There are also various activity centers dedicated to the topic of water, and of course, drinking water fountains. Children can conduct their own aquatic experiments in a separate area, and the torrent of water provided by a giant rain shower is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer's day.

The historic water tower, around which the new water park has been constructed, is a striking piece of period industrial architecture. Built in 1898-1899, it used to provide elevated parts of the district with drinking water before the construction of the new pipeline network. The building stands out for miles around thanks to its attractive multi-colored roof tiles. Renovated in the 1990s, it is now used as a venue for exhibitions and various cultural events.

Wassererlebniswelt beim Wasserturm Favoriten

Windtenstrasse 3, 10th district



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