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River of dreams

Summer Stage ignited the Danube Canal scene when it opened on the right bank near the Rossauer Lände subway station in the mid-1990s. This laid-back outdoor bar and restaurant is the place for fine food and drinks, beach boules or pétanque, beach volleyball and various cultural events. The Flex nightclub is just a short distance downstream from Summer Stage, and last year the Motto am Fluss restaurant at the Vienna boat terminal added a year-round option for café and restaurant goers. Just a few meters farther on in the direction of the Urania is the permanently moored Badeschiff pool boat, with its restaurant Holy Moly - which won two Gault Millau toques in 2010. In April the pool opens to the public and the decks start to fill up with sun worshippers. Meanwhile, back on dry land, the Badeschiff-operated Urban Biergarten and fish market with barbeque provides another option from Thursdays to Sundays. Still on the right bank, Strandbar Herrmann gets the open-air season underway in April with beach-grade sand, deckchairs, a well-stocked bar and cool sounds.

The other side of the canal also has a thriving strip of bars running between the Augartenbrücke and Salztorbrücke bridges. Besides the customary uninterrupted views of the water, patrons at Adria Wien will find a sandy beach, deckchairs, barbecue and a covered bar inside a glass pavilion. Tel Aviv Beach, where Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, drinks and DJs are the order of the day, has set up shop just a few steps away. On weekdays there is even a yoga and keep fit program to enjoy. In May 2011 the historic Otto Wagner-designed Schützenhaus was given a new lease on life as a bar/restaurant. Located next door to Tel Aviv Beach, it offers dishes from the days of the monarchy, a wine bar and a guest garden.

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Summer Stage

Summer Stage

Rossauer Lände, 9th district


Augartenbrücke, 1st district

Motto am Fluss

Schwedenplatz, 1st district


(between Schwedenplatz and Urania), 1st district

Strandbar Herrmann

Herrmannpark near the Urania, 1st district

Adria Wien

section of Danube Canal closest to Salztorbrücke, 2nd district

Tel Aviv Beach

section of the Danube Canal closest to Herminengasse, 2nd district

Wiener Schützenhaus

Obere Donaustrasse 26, 2nd district,
from May 2011


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