Celebrate where the Lipizzan horses dance

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Following last year's hugely successful inaugural event, the Spanish Riding School will once again be transformed into a glittering ballroom on July 7, 2011. The riding arena, which otherwise sets the stage for the graceful ballet of the Lipizzan stallions, is recast as a ballroom, while the galleries of the Winter Riding School provide a promenade where ballgoers can mingle. The actual ball plays out under the stars at the Summer Riding School.

The Spanish Riding School is no stranger to society events, having played host to Maria Theresa's legendary gatherings as long ago as the mid-1700s. And now the Fête Impériale breathes new life into the time honored tradition of hosting court dances at the Spanish Riding School. All the proceeds from the summer ball will be donated to scientific projects including traditional breeding programs for the thoroughbred Lipizzan horses, and keeping the Lipizzan Registry.

Fête Impériale

Jul 7, 2011
Spanish Riding School, Michaelerplatz 1, 1st district


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