2011 Life Ball

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One of Vienna's biggest party nights of the year will take place at City Hall on May 21, 2011. The Life Ball is a heady blend of traditional ball culture, extravagance, glamour and outlandishness, thought-provoking performances, impassioned speeches and emotionally charged moments. The inspired costumes worn by the ballgoers bring people together and are an integral part of the event's charm.

As in previous years, the charity gala is devoted to a single element. After water (Let Love Flow, 2009) and earth (Sow the Seeds of Solidarity!, 2010), 2011 will be given over to air and feature the motto Spread the Wings of Tolerance. The elemental cycle will conclude in 2012 with fire and an event entitled Fight the Flames of Ignorance! The 2011 Life Ball will once again take a high-profile stand against intolerance, marginalization and ignorance, instead promoting love for life and solidarity.

The glittering free fashion show - featuring big-name international designers - which plays out on City Hall Square before the ball draws a crowd of up to 40,000 people. Life Ball tickets are a hot commodity, but everyone can enjoy the spectacular opening ceremony and fashion show.

Life Ball 2011

May 21
City Hall and City Hall Square, 1st district


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