Carnuntum: Rebirth of an Imperial City

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The Carnuntum region, located just 40 km east of Vienna, awaits with a unique landscape, unspoiled nature, cultural heritage and culinary delights. The Petronell open air museum, Archaeological Museum Carnuntinum in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg and the Kulturfabrik Hainburg are the three venues for the 2011 Lower Austrian Exhibition. Together they will host a series of shows under the banner of Conquer and Discover.

An entire Roman neighborhood has been authentically recreated at the Petronell open air museum - giving visitors the feeling that time stood still 1,700 years ago. The Roman town of Carnuntum was a thriving settlement with a population of about 50,000. In a first anywhere in the world, the Roman buildings were re-erected at their original sites using ancient building methods. The ruins of the ancient city were restored to their original splendor, with luxury villas, opulent bathing facilities, and fantastic treasures. Textile trader Lucius's house, and a magnificent Roman city palace, the villa urbana, with fully functioning kitchen and cozy living rooms have both been completed. Valuable murals, intricate flooring and precious furnishings bring to life the magic of living in Roman times before visitors' eyes.

The Archaeological Museum Carnuntinum in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg presents the most spectacular finds from ancient Carnuntum across two floors. First opened to the public in 1904, this unique house of treasures includes a large museum garden and cloistered walkways which create an unforgettable ambience. The Images Of Gods And Men exhibition presents an impressive insight into Roman cult rituals using a selection of spellbinding reconstructions, fascinating short films and visualizations.

The Kulturfabrik, a former imperial tobacco factory in Hainburg an der Donau in Lower Austria, will provide a fresh angle on the world of conquerors and explorers. Visitors will be spirited away on a breathtaking journey from prehistoric times to the modern day, taking in everything from ancient history, migration and the Turkish wars as they accompany missionaries and researchers setting out on their maiden voyages of discovery.

2011 Lower Austrian Exhibition.
Conquer and Discover

Petronell Carnuntum open air museum, Archaeological Museum Carnuntinum Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Kulturfabrik Hainburg an der Donau
Apr 16-Nov 15, 2011


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