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08 :::: sound:frame Festival, Ausstellung im Kasulke, sound:frame Festival Zentrale, Wien. Vernissage der Installation "TENSOR / 48°11'33.67"N / 16°20`00"E / 2010.03.27 18:00" von "Motion Lab" und "Neon Golden".


Taking place for the fifth time this fall, the 2011 sound:frame festival will focus on performance artists and live acts who will use performative art to recapture spaces, transform spatial sculptures into dance stages, and add a new and real-time audio visual dimension to installations, dance and live performances.

sound:frame gets underway on March 25, 2011 at the Ottakringer brewery in Vienna's 16th district. The spectacular opening night will include a packed live audio-visual program, experimental live performances, bands, VJs and DJs, and a special party tram will take visitors to the gates of the brewery for the event. But the festival will also play out at other locations throughout the city - a number of live movie performances are on the billing at the Filmmuseum cinema, while several galleries throughout the Austrian capital will play host to audio-visual installations. Performance art will be on everyone's lips at a series of workshops, lectures, screening and discussions.

sound:frame perFORMance

Mar 25-Apr 10, 2011


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