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Vienna 2019: the stage is yours!

The main stage

A passion for mise-en-scène is at the heart of the real Vienna. It shapes the look and feel of the city and also makes itself felt off the beaten tourist track. Special interactions with the real Vienna open up new perspectives that bring the capital to life in different – and sometimes surprising – ways. No longer experienced as a collection of sights and events, the city instead expresses its unique way of life through authentic encounters.

Vienna is a giant stage, with visitors playing the lead in a plot supplied by the Vienna Tourist Board. Vienna, the stage is yours!

From March 2019: special encounters on a purpose-built microsite

The secret to getting a real feel of a destination’s quality and way of life is experiencing it in person. In many instances, the true Viennese way of life and Viennese spirit is hidden away behind this global city’s beautiful facades. At selected locations in the city, visitors will encounter exceptional individuals and unusual situations that have not only their own backstories – but actually share them.

A purpose-built microsite, due to launch in March 2019, will act as a muster point for guests and Viennese. Here, users will find a curated selection of encounters, such as a ride on the D tram, cast in a fresh light as a 44-minute meditation session.

"Play Vienna – the stage is yours" activation

During the escalating campaign, users are exposed to the annual theme and encouraged to interact with the microsite. Teaser films, rolled out via social media, provide a central element of the campaign.

360–degree campaign to accompany the annual theme

Communication peaks using out-of-the-ordinary content and communication measures will be deployed with a view to turning them into the talk of the town in the places where they are used, and in some cases beyond. One campaign to go with "Vienna, the stage is yours!" is already planned for the second quarter of 2019.

International media and travel industry

International media will focus on the theme in individual and group research sessions in Vienna. In addition, media representatives will be kept in the loop on all the latest developments relating to the theme year via press releases and on Twitter, as well as at info events for the various incoming markets.

Partnerships are being put in place with tour operators to offer packages aligned to the theme year and raise awareness in the travel industry.

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