Bunte Kacheln des Dachs des Wiener Stephansdoms

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An Eagle’s-Eye View of Vienna

Fritzi and Bruno took to the skies on behalf of the Vienna Tourist Board in October 2017, taking off from the top of the Danube Tower and a hot air balloon launched from the grounds of Palais Schwarzenberg. One was kitted out with a 360° camera and the other with a 16:9 format camera on its back. As the weather did not always play along during filming, their colleagues Darshan and Victor picked up where they left off and finished the job this spring. The eagles circled above the city capturing bird’s-eye views in stunning 4k resolution supported by the production company Red Bull Media House, who were brought on board to give the Vienna Tourist Board campaign wings. The project was a world first – never before had eagles wearing 360° cameras been used to capture footage of a major city.

“You can only really appreciate the sheer scale of Vienna’s beauty from above: we want this unusual video to turn people all over the world into Vienna fans and inspire them to come to the city,” explained Norbert Kettner, CEO of the Vienna Tourist Board. It goes without saying that all the necessary animal welfare clearances were obtained before starting the project and none of the eagles – wearing light weight cameras – came to any harm during filming. In addition to experiencing the flight of the eagles, potential visitors can also use their VR headsets to experience the Summer Night’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in stunning detail or immerse themselves in the Rhythm of Vienna in another video.

Direct link to the “Vienna from an eagle's eye view” 360 degree video:

Short version

Long version

Making of (16:9)

Copyright: A Red Bull Media House production commissioned by the Vienna Tourist Board

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